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Pure Native Farm at Sunset
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Not all land or water is equal and we at Ameyalli have a unique advantage with both.  Our farmland is native soil nourished by natural springs – providing balanced pH nutrient rich matter which are beneficial to plant health.  Our customs and practices ensure each of our members abide by the blueprint laid out by our elders incorporating decades of experience and lessons into crafted rituals from cultivation to production to the customer journey. 

Ameyalli is grown on native land in soil which has been preserved across generations. This vast preserve sits atop a foundation of limestone permeated by fissures providing access to the ancient hidden aquifers.  The springs provide the source of life for our lands and the mires within this delicate natural ecosystem.   The  highly fertile soil of our lands created by these native Natural Water Springs contain an abundance of Abiotic (Organic Matter) and Biotic (Minerals, Water, Air) matter from our rejuvenating ecosystem.


The healing properties of this ecosystem, fortified unlike many other farms, have been used by our people for generations and is not only used for providing nutrients to our hemp crops, but healing remedies that have long been a part of our rich heritage and traditions.

Wellness for Peace – Mind, Body, Soul 

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