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At Ameyalli, we decided to remain with our way of life and growing practices. We don’t believe in manipulating nature. 

The farming techniques and ancestral practices used to produce Ameyalli hemp have been passed down through generations.  Since 1630, these practices and rituals have ensured that nature provided all that we needed to survive, even as our population grew larger. We believe it is essential to trust nature’s process and stick to our ancestral techniques, so we don’t add man-made fertilizers, pesticides, or GMOs. This can sometimes sacrifice quantity for quality; however, it also ensures a superior product and decreases the stress placed on our ecosystem.

Ameyalli hemp is grown in a mire environment, which allows for the natural fortification of terpenes in our plants. The ability to adapt and flourish in this wetland environment with elevated mineral content, high humidity, intense sun, and competing vegetation has produced naturally supercharged and resilient plants.

We believe nature feeds us through our symbiotic relationship with nature. We inherited everything we have and have been taught to respect and honor nature and our ancestors.  All four seasons provide the elements that benefit our plants.  We plant in the spring, cultivate through the summer, harvest in the fall, produce our products through the winter, while our lands recover to restart the cycle of a cooperative relationship the following cyclical season. 

We extract from nature when nature is willing to give to us.  Thus, Ameyalli’s crop is Qualitative vs Quantitative.  Limited Access, Limited Crop, and Limited Inventory means we produce the world’s most seasonally refined Hemp.  We don’t deplete our natural resources nature provides us, we respect, honor, and replenish our land the way nature intended. Our Ameyalli products are naturally supercharged with intoxicating plant power!


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