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Ameyalli “Blue” Edition - Variety Kit: This kit contains one (1) each 1g Single Pre-roll, one (1) each 3.5g 5 pack, and one (1) each 3.5g of Hemp Flower that has been processed for its Caryophyllene terpene profile specifically blended for its properties to aid in Relaxation, while combating Anxiety & Depression. Caryophyllene’s therapeutic effect with our endocannabinoid system extends from its ability to bind to certain receptors throughout the body. This stress-relieving terpene has also been shown to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and to be a possible therapy for treating inflammatory bowel disease. Caryophyllene makes this edition smell woody, or like cloves and coats the throat with an almost peppermint-like sensation. It’s responsible for the slight bite of pungency associated with smelling cracked pepper in this edition of Ameyalli.

Ameyalli “Blue” Edition - Variety Kit

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